February 02, 2016

Leadership Corner: Sixto Wagan, Director, Center for Arts Leadership, University of Houston

"Arts leaders have gone through a period of professionalization in the past decade or more,ā€ said Sixto Wagan, director of the Center for Arts Leadership, University of Houston. Read on for more on leading in the 21st century.

January 05, 2016

Staying Relevant in a Changing Neighborhood

How can arts organizations more fully reach and engage their communities and audiences? The Wallace Foundation looked at how Philadelphia's Fleisher Art Memorial revamped its programs in the face of changing neighborhood demographics. Read on for more.

January 05, 2016

Expanding Possibilities

As I navigate my identity as a black, female artist, Iā€™m especially interested in creative efforts that prioritize cultural equity and embody more empowering models of community participation, writes dancer and dancemaker Katrina Reid. Read on for ...

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