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July 23, 2014

Working Internationally: More Than Just Touring With a Passport

Working abroad holds an enormous catalogue of benefits for American artists and our nation: increased visibility; expanded marketplaces; enrichment of the art form through global exposure; decreased insularity; plus the mo...

June 04, 2014

Writer, Educator, and Speaker Liz Lerman Receives Dance/USA Honor

Liz Lerman is a performer, choreographer, writer, educator, and speaker. She has been described as “the source of an epochal revolution in the scope and purposes of dance art” by The Washington Post. Her aesthetic approach...

May 27, 2014

Colleen Callahan-Russell Bringing Dance to Diverse Schools and Communities

In 1984, Colleen Callahan-Russell was teaching dance at North High School one of the Twin Cities’ most racially diverse schools. She’d attended several basketball games and loved the players’ moves. So she asked the team, ...

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