2017 Annual Conference

Registration is LIVE! Visit the 2017 Annual Conference website for more information  about the Conference and to register today. 

Dance/USA will host its 9th Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO from June 7-10, 2017. Dance/USA will also be celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2017! From executive directors and emerging arts leaders to managers and presenters, agents and artists, join nearly 450 individuals associated with the professional dance field for networking, creative conversation, enriching training sessions, discussion on important issues facing the field, and performances. Join us in Kansas City to learn from industry experts and be inspired to advance dance together in business and on stage at this exciting national convening!

Be a part of dance that’s greater than you, your organization, your community!  The Annual Conference gathers the field’s experts to offer you relevant knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.  Mix and mingle with the movers and shakers of the national dance community to swap stories, learn best practices, fuel partnerships, and share drinks with emerging artists, colleagues, and role models.  Be inspired to create a rich, vibrant future for dance!

The 2017 Annual Conference will be campus style to showcase the beauty of Kansas City's local arts venues. Dance/USA has also partnered with an area hotel to provide special rate accommodations for Conference attendees.

Learn more about the convening and register on the 2017 Annual Conference website