About Dance/USA's Snapshot of the Field


The Snapshot of the Field is a picture of the national dance field taken at one moment in time that includes 10 data points which can be tracked over time. It focuses on one year of the activities of 501c3 dance companies with budgets above $100,000.


Dance/USA, as the national service organization for professional dance, believes that it is important to provide a clear, defensible picture of what the national dance field looks like through an objective process that can be replicated by other researchers. This process also enables Dance/USA to track trends over time.


The Snapshot of the Field has been created annually for more than a decade. It is generally released in early spring. The current Snapshot provides data for fiscal years ending in 2012.


501c3 dance companies with budgets above $100,000 that operate in the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia. The listing of companies that the Snapshot of the Field is drawn from is contained in the National Company Roster.

View Detailed Information about the Dance Companies on the Roster

For information about the current state of the field or to request a PDF version of the Snapshot please contact the director of information services.