Professional Dancers

The Professional Dancer membership category is open to individuals who would claim “dancer” as their profession regardless of other jobs concurrently held. Choreographers should join the Independent Artist/Choreographer membership category. Dancers employed by a Dance Company member of Dance/USA may have access to some organization member benefits. Please contact the Director of Member Services for more information.

To become a member of Dance/USA, simply complete our online form. You will be added to our database and begin receiving member benefits immediately. The Dance/USA membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 (of any given year). Dues for new members joining in the middle of the year will be pro-rated on a quarterly basis*. All memberships are renewable annually on July 1 and dues are invoiced during the month of May. Please contact the Director of Member Services with any questions regarding the membership, benefits, the application process, or dues payments.

Membership Dues: $100/year

*For new members joining in the middle of the member year, dues are prorated on a quarterly basis.  Any payment(s) made on membership dues are non-refundable.

Member Benefits

Leadership & Research Information

Research & Information

  • Annually review our Snapshot of the Field and National Company Roster.
  • Access data and statistical information.
  • Read Dance/USA's Spin and Member Bulletin.
  • Get an in-depth review of key topics in the field-and add your voice-with our online e-journal From the Green Room.
  • Sign-up for health insurance from Fractured Atlas through Dance/USA’s Open Arts Network partnership.
  • Access the member exclusive Professional Dancers' Google Group. 


  • Be represented in front of Congress, the White House, and other federal agencies.
  • As a member of Dance/USA, you are also a member of the Performing Arts Alliance; respond to timely action alerts when an important issue needs your attention.
  • Receive monthly updates on arts funding and policy issues.
  • Advocate for dance by joining our Dance Advocacy Network. Contact Dance/USA’s Government Affairs Director to join.
  • Arm yourself with various tools to advocate for dance. 
  • Request complimentary peer consultation letters to obtain visas from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  • Receive talking points and assistance with scheduling visits to speak with federally elected officials.
  • Stay informed about federal legislation that directly affects you and your work (i.e., federal funding, tax resolutions, visa policies, etc).