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From the Green Room: Dance/USA's eJournal 

From the Green Room: Dance /USA's eJournal features articles on issues of importance to the dance community; news stories relating to arts and dance; essays from leaders in the dance field; notes on changes, transitions and opportunities in the field; calendar of upcoming events; and highlights of Dance/USA sponsored events.

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Dance Company Roster and Dance/USA Member Mailing List

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Presenting Dance:
Dynamic Dialogues from the National Dance Presenters Leadership Forum at Jacob’s Pillow
By Mindy N. Levine. 2008. 64 pp.

A partnership among the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Dance/USA, and Jacob’s Pillow Dance.

Presenting Dance—and the National Dance Presenters Leadership Forum at Jacob’s Pillow from which it is drawn—are grounded in the assumption that the dance field is strengthened by collaborative reflection and action, ongoing consideration of the ways, vision, and values link to programming, and sustained efforts to foster dance literacy. While it would be impossible to replicate the Forum experience across the country, it is the hope of the Forum partners that this book will ignite new ideas and convince readers that new directions in dance presenting are not only possible, but necessary. Presenting Dance will also serve as a handy reference tool and touchstone to refresh thinking, challenge assumptions, and advance practice. Above all, it is hoped that this book will help foster a culture of the three “Cs”—curiosity, collaboration, and commitment among presenters, artists, and audiences—on behalf of securing a more robust future for dance.


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Dance from the Campus to the Real World and Back Again:
A Resource Guide for Artists, Faculty and Students
By Suzanne Callahan, editor. 2005. 139 pp.

A publication of the National College Choreography Initiative

A compilation of essays from 20 writers, Dance from the Campus to the Real World seeks to shed light on the worlds of colleges and professionals. It is designed to prepare artists, faculty, and students to navigate between and within these worlds by offering them a roadmap filled with information and insight. This publication is the culmination of four years of activity and dialogue with artists, faculty in academic settings, administrators, and students.



Seven Statements of Survival:
Conversations with Dance Professionals
by Renata Celichowska. 2008.

Featuring Dance/USA Executive Director Andrea Snyder.

A 21st century response to Selma Jeanne Cohen’s landmark work, The Modern Dance: Seven Statements of Belief. Seven Statements consists of seven interviews with exemplary dance professionals, including dance writer Deborah Jowitt, dancers/choreographers Carolyn Carlson and Garth Fagan, dance administrator Andrea Snyder, dance anthropologist JoAnn Keali’inohomoku, dance educator Bill Evans, and dance librarian Madeleine Nichols. The interviews focus on personal anecdotes and explanations of career choices made by the interviewees. This collection of their stories in the challenging field of contemporary dance, told with humor, insight and sometimes, regret,  intends  to be both an inspirational resource for future dance professionals as well as a companion to the thousands of dedicated people of all ages who continue to serve dance every beautiful, crazy, frustrating, wonderful day.

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Dancing with Dollars in the Millennium: 

A Ten-Year Summary of Trends
by John Munger. 2001. 15 pp.

A co-publication by Dance Magazine and Dance/USA

 Dancing with Dollars in the Millennium addresses some of the changes that happened in the ‘90s and some that continue to happen.  Areas in which change has not take place are also mentioned where appropriate.  This article discusses many important changes that occurred in the concert dance environment .  A few key trends also emerge, which embrace and include many of the smaller changes explored in this article.  Examined are the economy of dance in America and its resemblance to the general economy of the for-profit world, noting the extremes of “top” and “bottom”.  Declining government support for the arts also merits attention.

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Performing Arts Research Coalition
The Performing Arts Research Coalition (PARC) is a groundbreaking collaborative project created to improve and coordinate the way performing arts organizations gather information about our sector, so that we can offer a more unified and factually based voice on issues of common concern, and aid the performing arts in developing a national model for arts research collaboration. PARC will help performing arts organizations across the United States significantly improve their management capacity, increase their responsiveness to their communities, and strengthen local and national advocacy efforts on behalf of American arts and culture. PARC is a partnership among five major national service organizations in the performing arts:

Please visit the research section of the website for access to PARC reports.

Dance Communities
Mapping the Chicago Dance Community: 
A Benchmark Study 2002
by John Munger. 2002.  94 pp.

The Chicago Dance Mapping Project (CDMP) was conducted in 2002 over 18 months to capture a complete listing of dance activity in the greater Chicago metropolitan area.  The study employs both quantitative surveys and qualitative research throughout the dance community to define perceived needs and strengths.

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Dance in the San Francisco Bay Area:
A Needs Assessment
by John Munger and Libby Smigel. 2002. 84 pp.

Dance in the San Francisco Bay Area represents a year-long study of the Bay Area dance community conducted in 2001, with specific attention to the needs of dance artists and companies. Details of specific issues and profiles of the community inform this assessment.

Read the Executive Summary

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Dance in the DC Metropolitan Area:
A Needs Assessment 
by John Munger. 2003. 86 pp.

This study represents the results of a year-long effort begun in the fall of 2002 to conduct a factual census of the greater Washington, DC area dance community together with an assessment of significant needs and strengths in that community.

Please visit the research section of the website for access to this report.


Alabama: Dance Flourishes in Birmingham:
An Assessment of the Jefferson County Dance Community 
by John Munger and the Alabama Dance Council. 2007. 40 pp.

Please visit the research section of the website for access to this report.


NYC: A Census of New York City Dancemakers
by John Munger and Andrea Snyder. 2007. 53 pp.

Commissioned by Dance/NYC

Please visit the research section of the website for access to this report.


National College Choreography Initiative

Designed to foster appreciation for American dance creativity, the National College Choreography Initiative (NCCI) brought classic American dances of the past century and newly commissioned works to colleges and universities. A Leadership Initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts with additional support by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (2002) and Dana Foundation (2003), the NCCI was administered by Dance/USA from 2000 - 2006.

National College Choreography Initiative:
Bringing It Home: A Third Wave of Creative Collaboration
by Suzanne Callahan with Brooke Belott. 2007. 27 pp. 

Members: $4.00
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National College Choreography Initiative:
Encore: A Second Round of Success
by Suzanne Callahan with Brooke Belott. 2005. 32 pp.

Members: $4.00
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National College Choreography Initiative:
Artist-College Collaboration: Issues, Trends, and Future Vision
by Suzanne Callahan. 2003. 22 pp.

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National College Choreography Initiative:
Supporting the Past, Present, and Future of American Dances
by Suzanne Callahan. 2002. 32 pp.

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