Research Initiatives

Dance/USA gathers and analyzes data about the not-for-profit, professional dance field and focuses on areas that are of greatest importance. The organization’s researchers make the factual case for dance in America by conducting systematic research over time primarily on Dance/USA member institutions. Please refer to the sections below for information about the data that has been collected in the following areas.

Dance/USA's research into audiences consists of two areas: general information about audiences and information about changing patterns of audience attendance and behavior. Research is conducted on a project basis.
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Holiday Productions
Since 2002, Dance/USA has gathered data about attendance, income, and numbers of performances of The Nutcracker ballet across the nation. In 2010, the survey was expanded to capture information on all Holiday productions.
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Dance Communities
Between 2002 and 2008, Dance/USA initiated regional evaluations or censuses of the dance field to help dance communities create a clear picture of what dancemaking looks like in their community and to identify ways to strengthen the dance field.
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