Services and Information Requests

Dance/USA provides a range of services associated with data collected. Many of these services are provided as a benefit of membership.  

For more information about any of these services, please contact the director of research and information services.

Company Profiles

One of the most common requests from Dance/USA members is that they be placed in context relative to more or less comparable companies around the nation. Dance/USA draws on topics including budgets, income sources, staff sizes, and number of dancers to prepare materials for these member companies. 

Customized Data

Dance/USA is often asked to comment on or provide information about particular types or groupings of dance-makers. For each request, we pull data matching a unique set of characteristics, then draw conclusions for the requestor.

Mailing List Rental

The Dance/USA Mailing List is an excellent way to reach out to dance companies, presenting organizations, service organizations, university dance programs, and agents.  Our mailing list is updated monthly and contains approximately 400 addresses, including 270 member and non-members dance companies and 130 dance-related organization members.  Dance/USA organization and affiliate members are eligible to receive complimentary copies of the mailing list each year.  Individual members and non-members may rent the mailing list for a nominal fee.  
See more information about renting our mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dance/USA is often asked general questions about the dance field. Please contact the director of research and information services for assistance with the questions listed below.

  • How many dancers are there in the U.S.?
  • How many dance students are there in the U.S.?
  • Where can I get information on starting a dance company?


Dance/USA has published a number of books and reports on the dance field. Please contact the director of research and information services with any requests about publications.

Media Requests

Are you a member of the media writing about dance? 
Do you need supporting statistical information about the dance field? 
Contact the communications specialist.