2018 Call For Photos

Calling all LA Dancemakers!

Dance/USA seeks photos of LA dance companies and artists for use in its marketing materials for the 2018 Annual Conference held in Los Angeles, CA June 6-9. This is a great way to include your company in the showcasing of the LA dance community both locally and on the national level. Please review the guidelines and submission directions below. 

Photo submissions for the 2018 Annual Conference are no longer being accepted.


  • The less detailed the background, the better.
  • The rule of thumb on resolution is: bigger = better.
  • Cameras used should have a minimum resolution of 5 megapixels. Digital SLR cameras are preferable to point-and-shoot cameras, and images taken by camera phones are generally unacceptable for print usage. A good file size is 3,000 x 3,000 pixels and 5 MB or greater.
  • Acceptable file formats include JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and RAW.
  • Provide photo credit, including company name (if applicable), dancer(s), and photographer in the title of each image.
  • Submit a word document with the contact information for the artist or company’s media contact.
  • By submitting this photo, you (your organization, the dancers, and the photographer) give Dance/USA permission to use the image for all 2018 Conference marketing and promotion purposes.  

How to Submit Your Photo(s)

Create a Dropbox file and share it with Dance/USA. 
Create and download your own free Dropbox account here today.* 
       *2GB of space are available with the free version of this product.  

  1.  After creating an account with Dropbox or logging in to your existing account, create a new folder titled with your organization’s name.
  2. Upload all images to this folder. Rename each file with the appropriate photo credit, including company name (if applicable), dancer(s), and photographer. Also kindly include a word document with your contact information.
  3. Select the “Share” icon to the right of the folder and invite Dance/USA as a collaborator using the following email address: Danceusa@danceusa.org
  4. After typing in the email address, click the “Share” button & your transfer is complete!

Not all submitted photos will be selected. If your image is selected, you will be notified.

Questions about the Conference?
Contact annualconference@danceusa.org