About Dance/USA

Established in 1982 as the national service organization for the professional dance field, Dance/USA is a membership organization currently serving nearly 500 aerial, ballet, contemporary, modern, culturally specific, jazz, and tap companies, dance service and presenting organizations, individuals, and related organizations.

Dance/USA occupies a unique position in the field as the only national service organization dedicated to serving a broad cross-section of professional dance.

By working with and for our membership, Dance/USA provides

In addition, Dance/USA engages in a variety of special initiatives such as Engaging Dance Audiences, the Task Force on Dancer Health, and the Institute for Leadership Training. These special initiatives may not serve all Dance/USA members directly, but ultimately gather important research and best practices, test programs in specific regions, and experiment with local dance service activities.

Dance/USA works in alliance with Dance/NYC, an independent nonprofit organization that supports the New York area dance community.

Dance/USA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.