Advocacy Resources

Arts Education Resources

  • ArtsEdSearch is an online clearinghouse that collects and summarizes high quality research studies on the impacts of arts education and analyzes their implications for educational policy and practice. ArtsEdSearch is managed by the Arts Education Partnership.
Arts and the Economy
  • Arts & Economic Prosperity IV is Americans for the Arts' fourth study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry's impact on the economy, providing a quantifiable economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences.
Charitable Giving Incentives
  • Independent Sector is the leadership network for nonprofits, foundations, and corporate giving programs comprised of 600 organizations that work in coalition to strengthen and mobilize the nonprofit communities. Their advocacy page provides important talking points on the nonprofit sector (including state-by-state profile on the impact of nonprofits), the charitable deduction, and the IRA charitable rollover.
  • The Charitable Giving Coalition is an ad hoc coalition dedicated to preserving the charitable deduction. A charitable giving infographic serves as a great leave-behind when making the case of the importance of this powerful incentive.